Birmingham City Council’s Wellbeing Service serves a population of over one million residents, and it was clear that given the scale of their physical activity delivery, they required a solution that would allow them to create and manage all of their physical activity sessions as well as collect participation data relating to those sessions. Following a detailed demonstration of Kinetic Insight Pro, the solution was implemented quickly throughout the Wellbeing Service.

Birmingham City Council is a fantastic showcase of the scale of physical activity programmes and data that Kinetic Insight Pro is able to manage. Kinetic Insight Pro delivers the power and flexibility to the council to ensure that they are able to manage and deliver over 350 weekly sessions throughout Birmingham. What’s more, the vast amounts of participation data that is captured by the Kinetic Insight Pro App is utilised by Birmingham to feed into the Sport England Digital Pilot and provides valuable insight into their programmes and participants.

We continue to work with Birmingham City Council to ensure that our solutions are equipped to exceed their expectations at all times. For more information regarding our work with Birmingham City Council, please contact us on 0800 808 9004 or by email